The following are seven of the key principles which we adhere to as a standard practice when dealing with our customers, tradesmen, vendors, and everyone we collaborate with.

Honesty above all else. This straightforward approach keeps the lines of communication and trust wide open and everyone involved with a project always knows they’re getting the correct information to make the right decisions.

We adhere to a code of high moral and ethical values. We treat everyone that we deal with the way we would expect to be treated. We approach all of our business dealings with the utmost professionalism.

You can trust us on many levels. You can entrust us with your home and property, and also trust that we always have your best interest in mind with all decisions that are made.

We stand behind every job that we do. You can rely on us to honor our written, as well as oral commitments. We fulfill all of our obligations to our customers.


You can be assured that we consistently deliver the highest level of service every time without fail.


We understand that we are guests in your home. We respect your property, privacy and well-being. We realize that there is a level of disruption to your daily routine and we are sensitive to your concerns, so we do our best to ensure as little inconvenience as possible.


Modern/Classic Craftsmanship – We follow the time proven methods of “Old World Craftsmanship” while applying the innovative technologies of today.

Positive Attitude
We love what we do and it shows. The remodeling experience is filled with problems and uncertainties, but maintaining a positive approach not only aids in problem solving, but makes for a healthier and more pleasant working environment.



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We cannot express our thanks well enough for what you did to help us get back into our house after the tornado. The dedication demonstrated by Remodeling Alliance from the start of the reconstruction in October to get us back in our house before Christmas was tremendous.