Certainly no two projects are alike and the actual progression and details of each individual job varies, but by having an understanding of what to expect from us you can better prepare yourself and plan accordingly.


Initial Consultation
We will schedule an appointment to come to your home to discuss your project. You may be at the beginning stage and need ideas on what is possible. We will help develop those ideas and offer suggestions around your budget.

You may already have a design in place and so we will review the project with you, help you refine the details, and inspect the space to understand the existing conditions.

We usually provide some ballpark pricing during that initial visit; otherwise we will respond promptly with such pricing. If the approximate costs are within your budget we can move ahead to the Design Phase.

Design Phase

This part of the process may be as simple as fine tuning the details as discussed in our initial meeting for those smaller projects and projects with pre-drawn plans, or it might involve a few visits to create architectural plans and detailed work specifications. At the end of this phase we can accurately price the project. At times, the scope of the design might have to be refined to accommodate your budget. When the design is approved and within your budget we can move to the Contract phase.

Contract Phase
We create a formal proposal with very specific and detailed work specifications so that you know exactly what you’re getting. We will then meet to review and refine the details. Upon approval, we schedule a starting date for the actual construction and create material lists, allowance checklists, etc. We also file for any required permits and other agency reviews and approvals. Once a start date is in place we begin ordering material needed to start the job.

Pre construction Review – prior to the start of the construction phase, we will meet at least once and possibly more often as needed to complete the pre-construction review that includes all the checklists to ensure that all the questions were asked and answered which facilitates a smooth construction. We want to be sure nothing was overlooked.

  • final contract review
  • final allowance checklist
  • demolition checklist
  • open/close procedures
  • protection layout
  • etc.

As we progress through the construction we have systems in place to track and monitor the progress with quality control measures. We schedule any required inspections and perform a complete and thorough clean-up.

The job is not complete until every detail is completed to both your and our satisfaction. We get all the final approvals and other important documentation. We provide you with a folder with all the important documentation including product literature, finish schedules, lien waivers, certificate of capital improvement, and certificates of occupancy (C of O).

ost Construction –WRAP UP
Our service to you does not end at the final payment; rather we periodically check on your completed project to ensure that everything is performing as expected. We do site inspections at periodic scheduled intervals relevant to your specific project. If adjustments or repairs must be made, they will promptly be taken care of. We ask you to create a list to keep track of the small annoyances that you find and call us to address those issues when appropriate. All bigger concerns are handled immediately.


Warranty and Beyond
Because we are confident in our abilities, we provide warrantees that are typically longer than most contractors will offer. And, as many of our customers can attest to, we will even continue to support our work long after the written warranty has expired. It is part of our philosophy of treating you as a lifelong customer.



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Dear Mr Corrao, Thank you for your prompt and pleasant assistance to our urgent call. It is wonderful to know that we were in contact with a company that stands by their work. Even though 5 years have gone by you still took the time to help us out.