Full Service Contractor
We can handle all aspects of your home improvements, from minor repairs to major renovations as well as constructing a new home with the same attention to detail. Once you are a customer, we will go beyond your expectations to keep you happy and fulfill all your requirements.


We have maintained the same business locations and phone numbers since our inception. We have maintained the same bank account and trade accounts. We don’t hide behind a PO Box or move our assets around. We will be here when you need us in the future. This is one of the factors that the Better Business Bureau looks at when rating a contracting firm.

Excellent Business Ratings
We have always been in good standing with the Better Business Bureau. In fact, we have an A+ rating with them - the highest rating possible - and not a single complaint against us.

We also are in good standing with Dun and Bradstreet which rates the financial stability of a company. Our business credit rating is stellar which should say a lot about the integrity of the company.


A survey by the Small Business Administration indicated that contractor failure may leave homeowners with unfulfilled promises and worthless warrantees. Today’s economic and business conditions increase the chance of failure, so it is imperative that you entrust your home building, remodeling and renovations to an established and stable contractor whose warranty will protect you. We have an established business which has been around for over 20 years and with great financial stability. You can rest assured that we will be there to assist you in the future.


As a homeowner, you should be wary of contractors who do not provide you with adequate insurance protection. Accidental injury to a worker or a passer-by, or damage to your home could cause considerable financial loss for you if you are not insured against it. We protect you and ourselves by holding the proper insurance.



You can place full confidence in us to carry out our responsibilities in accordance with your wishes. We are all of excellent character and you can entrust your home and personal property to our care.


This is an imperfect industry and unfortunately at times things go wrong and damage may occur but we don’t believe in covering up our mistakes. Honesty is still the best policy. We will alert you to any problems we find and then rectify the situation quickly and to your complete satisfaction. Integrity is the keystone of a successful business. Isn’t this just the type of company you want in your home


All of our craftsmen are professionals who take pride in their workmanship. We are all well trained and accomplished in our selective trades.

Straight Talk –plain talk

You can trust us to provide you with accurate advice, alternatives, and ideas that will benefit you, as opposed to making our job easier.


Everyone who works on our jobs must make themselves accessible to you, our customers. Additionally, everyone including the customer has the cell # to Mike, the owner, and he is always reachable, even in the evenings and on weekends. If we can’t answer immediately we will always call you back as soon as we are available.

Owner Involvement

Mike oversees every project personally. It is that commitment to personal service that helps separate us from all other contracting companies. Mike is well trained in all the trades with a vast knowledge of all trade practices, building codes and practical experience. His experience, coupled with attention to detail and the need to have things “precise” should please even the most discerning of clients.


Communication is one of the most important aspects of management that makes the difference between success and failure. We encourage and promote communication between everyone involved in your project and have systems in place to ensure that all the proper questions are asked and answered. You are always in the loop and know the status of your project at all times.

We value your input. We expect that you will let us know immediately if something is not right rather than wait until then end of the job. It is much easier to handle it promptly than it is to fix it later or, as is so often done, try and explain it away at the end of the job.


We promote synergy between the trades. Through respect for each other’s abilities and communication, we work together toward our goal. Many times, the tradesmen need to work around each other’s jobs. Through good communication and teamwork, they create solutions to perform their jobs without undermining the other’s work.

Competent Craftsmen

A steady work flow, excellent pay and respect that they deserve enables us to attract and keep good people on the job for the ultimate benefit of our customers.


The greatest asset we have is the service provided by our company. Instilling this attitude into every one of our employees is a task we take seriously. We take pride in our employees and the quality of service they provide to our customers. It is that “Whatever It Takes” and “No Problem” mindset that strengthens the bond between our company and the people we serve.


You will always feel respected around our staff. We value you as a customer and listen to your concerns. If a problem arises, you can expect us to maintain a high level of decorum throughout the resolution process. A true test of a person’s character is during challenging situations and you will find us to be courteous and polite while resolving problems.




We go to great lengths to provide the proper physical protection to your property and have specific written protocols to address every aspect of protection including:

  • floor protection of all types
  • dust barriers for every type of opening
  • specialty access doors separating work and non-work areas
  • driveway protection
  • grounds protection
  • protection from the elements, rain, wind, cold, heat


Job Health & Safety
Home remodeling is unlike any other area of construction because you are working inside a customer’s home and most often while they are living alongside the work. Safety must be a number one priority and we have specific written protocols to protect your family, neighbors and our workforce. Whether it be dangerous terrain, risk from falling objects, volatile substances, air quality concerns, or tool safety, we have a plan to minimize the risk.


We have written “Rules of Conduct” that all tradesmen are required to adhere to. These range from very specific guidelines for use of the homeowner’s bathroom (when appropriate), food and drink disposal, to trash placement, etc. All for the benefit of providing a pleasant experience for the owner while we are in your home.

Routinely, you will see tradesman from other segments of the industry such as new construction or commercial tradesmen, attempt to break into the home remodeling market and fail. More often than not, the failure is not due to their workmanship but of their inability to understand the unique circumstances that must be addressed. Often, they lack the respect for personal property, time constraints, health issues, and safety that is integral to a home remodel.


All the tradesmen who work for Remodeling Alliance are GENTLEMEN. You can trust them to be in your home and will feel comfortable around them. They are family men and understand that there is a delicate balance between the remodeling job and the homeowner’s family life, so they try to complete the jobs with minimal disruption to the family’s schedule.

On Time Always
We create precise schedules with the use of computer assisted models and “gant charts” so that we can effectively coordinate your project and formulate accurate timetables for the completion of your project.


Consistent Top Quality Work
Our regular craftsmen appreciate the benefits of maintaining a relationship with Remodeling Alliance, including steady work, accurate bidding, and guaranteed payments. They know they must consistently provide the best quality installation, service to the customer, and etiquette to maintain this relationship; therefore they have a more vested interest in performing at their best.

The Job Is Done Right
We aggressively supervise the craftsmen to ensure that they are following the pre-agreed detailed specifications. We are at your job every day with inspection checklists and we inspect every detail in the construction process. Professional craftsmen supervised by knowledgeable personnel with a critical eye for flawless construction set us apart from our competition.

Prompt Action

We are not complacent. We listen to you, pay attention to your concerns and respond promptly to solve any issues as they arise with a sense of urgency.

We are always researching more effective and efficient methods of construction. We also stay abreast of the new products and technologies becoming available that can improve the quality of your life. This is enhanced through the many trade associations that we are affiliated with and the corresponding trade journals, seminars and training that are available to us.

Science Of Building
At Remodeling Alliance we put the Science back into building. Routinely, contractors will perform a task that is not suitable for that specific circumstance or use completely inappropriate methods. They learn the incorrect or incomplete way to do things and apply it over a broad spectrum. We understand that every circumstance requires a specific method of application. We know “The Standards Of Construction” and apply these methods correctly.

There is a vast amount of information available and we make use of it. We are constantly learning about newer, more up-to-date techniques. We also help educate our customers so that they can make informed decisions when options arise.

The Right Questions
Many times, the customer’s vision is not fulfilled because they simply did not know the right questions to ask the contractor and the contractor did not offer suggestions. We make a point of asking all the questions pertinent to a specific circumstance so that our customers will have all the information to make an informed decision.

It’s All For You
We Care About Our Customers and believe that we have the greatest customers on earth. We love what we do and it goes beyond receiving a paycheck. We will bend over backwards to please you.

Attentive To Your Project
We are at your job EVERYDAY and we work full days. We are in constant communication with you so that even the smallest questions are answered to ensure that the job progresses as scheduled. After the job is sold many “absentee” contractors make themselves scarce and rely on you to coordinate the job and direct the tradesmen. We are with you every step of the way and take full responsibility for the coordination of your project.

Service After The Sale

What exactly does this mean? It means that we will still be there for you even after the work has been completed and you paid us in full. One of the true signs of a professional service contractor is his willingness to resolve problems that arise when the issue is outside the warrantee period. We take pride in the fact that we do this and enjoy the response that we get from our customers, which is usually shock and amazement, sincere thanks and hopefully a lifelong customer.

It takes one call to get us back to make a repair. We have money placed aside in our escrow account for repairs that may be needed for our customers. As part of our management protocol we actually call you at different intervals after the job is completed to verify that everything is ok and if not we send people out to correct it. We leave you with a punch list that we ask you to put on your refrigerator and as you see little things, put them on your list. When you are ready, call us and we will come and address your list. We certainly expect you to call if something needs to be handled promptly. We have the manpower to address any such repair work without sacrificing the efficiency of the jobs we are currently working on.



Detailed Contracts
We have been commended for the level of detail that our contracts provide. Although we believe that we can do our job on a “handshake” (no signatures required) we do believe that everything discussed or agreed should be on paper. Writing it down changes the stature of the statement or detail and when written correctly, leaves little room for ambiguity. Our contract explains exactly what we are doing.

No Hidden Extras

The estimating system that we use is so detailed and precise that rarely do we miss any aspects of the project so we do not need to make up the costs during the job (this is a common practice that is termed “making it up on the back end”) Most contracts are open-ended and therefore allow for this practice.

Accurate Pricing

The estimating program that we use has been developed over years of use and it is very accurate. The costs that it generates are true to the final costs we experience on each job. Therefore we have confidence in knowing that we can be profitable on your job without the need to cut corners or find ways to meet our costs (ie. frivolous change orders), and are never concerned about losing money. We can concentrate all our efforts on quality, knowing toward the end of the job that there will be enough money to finish and still be profitable.

Guaranteed Completion Dates

We have systems in place to provide a well-organized and efficient project and therefore can ensure that your project is completed on schedule. There are penalty clauses that are written right into the contract that would penalize us for unnecessary delays to the completion date.


A warranty is only as good as the integrity and longevity of company that stands behind it. We have a proven track record for resolving warrantee issues even long after the warranty has expired. We are a financially solvent company and we will be there in the future to resolve your issue if the need does arise.


You’re Protected
The terms of our contracts are not one sided, rather they are written to protect all parties. We have “terms” to protect you from all the horrors associated with home improvement contracting.


We incorporate only time tested or technologically advanced material into our projects. There are many grades of material, most controlled by “ASTM Standards” but only a small majority are monitored through building inspections. To often “builder grade” material is used in place of a more superior and higher rated building product. When the product does not perform as expected it then becomes more costly to make the subsequent repairs.

Product Knowledge
There is a an explosion of new products on the market and we make a point of educating ourselves on the products that we use. Contractors regularly purchase items based on price to keep their costs down but it is the homeowner who suffers in the end. By knowing about the products we can help the owner in making intelligent choices based on their budget as well as other factors.

Intelligent Building Solutions
We are committed to answering all your questions honestly and with your interest in mind. When problems arise they are addressed immediately and resolved as quickly as possible. If we don’t have an answer we won’t fabricate one to appease you. We will do the research that it takes to get the right answer specific to you concern or for the obstacle that we encounter.

Preparation and Planning
“It’s the work that we do before we start your work” that allows us to provide you with a efficient and stress free experience. We have a proven pre-construction checklist process that ensures that we discussed all aspects of the project and answered all the necessary questions. It may at times seem arduous but you will appreciate the extra effort once the project is up and running smoothly.

Professional Management
We have written protocols for every aspect of the project that tradesmen are expected to follow including: Detailed written specifications for all installations, protocols for jobsite protection, cleanliness, and safety, protocols for general rules of conduct, and much more. Therefore, everyone knows what is expected of them and we only hire people who are willing to adhere to these policies which makes for a harmonious workplace.


Our tradesmen are the best there is. They are always seeking to do the right thing. Unfortunately sometimes they are too close to the situation to see a problem or mistake. Because we are on the job everyday inspecting the work we can catch these problems before they are covered up.

We keep ourselves in check everyday with daily inspections. Many times, contractors do their inspections at the end of the work phase and by then the problem may be hidden or they opt not to fix it because of the added expense.



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