I Like What You’re Saying, But How Expensive Are You?
The short answer is that we are always aiming to keep our pricing within a competitive range, but at times our prices are higher, due to our thorough estimating process. No one has ever accused us of being inexpensive BUT, no one has ever accused us of doing shoddy work either. We have never had a customer complain, after the job was completed, that they paid too much for the work we did for them. They may have grumbled a bit prior to the work but during the project they saw the value that they were getting for their money.

You will experience the quality of our work long after you forgot the cost!

We understand that price is a very important factor, but unfortunately many people focus mainly on price when in fact it is only a part of the entire picture to look at when selecting a contractor. Strangely enough, the pricing can often be the most ambiguous part of the selection process but people focus on it because it appears to be the easiest to quantify. The fact is, there are many other variables besides price.

YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR - When making a decision about a remodeling project it is not prudent to rely just on price because as it is with most things in life, it is generally worse to pay too little. We have unfortunately lost jobs because our price was too high but I would rather apologize once for being a little more expensive than be constantly apologizing for poor workmanship and cost overruns throughout the job.

The sweet taste of low price is too often soured by the bitter taste of poor quality

Do You Offer Financing?

*We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

*We offer Home Improvement Loans through a third party provider and we can usually get an approval within 24 hours. Financing is provided between $5,000 to $45,000.

*We can also assist you in obtaining bank financing.



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Honesty, dependability and attention to small details are important to most people and we thank you for taking the time to be sure that everything was finished properly.