Letter Of Reference #11

I have known and worked with Mike Corrao since 1995. Over the years, we have collaborated on many projects. He is a bidder on every project I design because I know that I can trust him to consistently deliver an outstanding product for my clients.

He has a good eye for design and space and is terrific at working with the homeowner and myself through the construction process and to refine the design when site conditions dictate. There are very often unforeseen obstacles during the remodeling process and Mike has a knack for finding intelligent solutions to resolve these problems.

In all the years that he has been building for my clients I have never had one single complaint or unsatisfied customer. When concerns arise as they do from time to time, Mike addresses them with professionalism and a sense of urgency. I have observed him going to great lengths to research a topic for a customer so that the advice he provided was accurate and appropriate for that circumstance.

Mike has the integrity that anyone would look for when engaging a contractor and he can be trusted to deliver on his promises. Mike is a team player and communicates well with the homeowners, tradesmen, and myself to achieve the ultimate objective of realizing the customer's dream.

I can sense that Mike understands the disruption that a renovation causes in a one's life because he does a great job of creating a clean, safe, and pleasant living environment while the work takes place alongside family life. He respects the homeowner's properly and goes out of his way to be as careful as possible, both inside and outside of their home.

My clients have nothing but praise for the impeccable workmanship, strong organizational skills, and meticulous attention to detail that he applies to all that he does. I find Mike to be very thorough and he is committed to doing the best for my clients. I would highly recommend Mike and the entire Remodeling Alliance crew to deliver an enormously rewarding remodeling experience.




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Dear Mr Corrao, Thank you for your prompt and pleasant assistance to our urgent call. It is wonderful to know that we were in contact with a company that stands by their work. Even though 5 years have gone by you still took the time to help us out.