Letter of Reference #2

As a satisfied and repeat customer of Remodeling Alliance since 2002, I would not hesitate to highly recommend them. Over the years I have contracted them in different capacities. I have used them for an extensive addition, bathroom and interior remodeling, and for the construction of anew home.

I found them to be totally "customer conscious" from the planning stage through to completion; with exceptional attention to every detail. This included questions, concerns, and problem solving (if any), that I might have had. I also found them to be, at all times, professional, courteous, and above all, respectful.

At times during the job I requested and had changes made. The job was still completed in a timely manner with everything done to my satisfaction. The work was done without my supervision, as I had to go to work, and found them to be trustworthy. The workmanship I felt was of the highest quality. This I believe was due to Mike's choice of workers, coordination skills, and his watchful supervision. This should also be attributed to the dedication of Mike, who's first and only concern is to please the customer.

I am totally confident and absolutely certain that Remodeling Alliance continues to be my first and only choice for future projects.




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Dear Mr Corrao, Thank you for your prompt and pleasant assistance to our urgent call. It is wonderful to know that we were in contact with a company that stands by their work. Even though 5 years have gone by you still took the time to help us out.