Letter of Reference #5

My wife, Mary, and I enthusiastically recommend Mike Corrao and Remodeling Alliance for your remodeling job, no matter how big or small.

We first used Mike to conduct substantial renovations on our two-family home in the Bronx. The house was built by my grandfather in 1922, and had great sentimental value, even though it needed significant modernizing. Mike’s attention to detail allowed us to integrate changes to the house while keeping much of the original feel. His creative eye helped us solve problems in very limited space. His meticulous work habits for himself and his crew kept the workspace livable for us and our four children while the construction was underway. Every day when the crew left, the workspace was as clean as humanly possible. A number of our children suffer from asthma and Mike was especially conscious of putting up as many barriers as possible to keep the construction dust to a minimum in the parts of the house we were using.

When we moved to Pleasantville and needed work done on a 1930s tudor house, we didn’t even consider using anyone but Mike. We have put three additions on our home over the years and have involved Mike right from the design and planning stages for each project. In addition, we have called on his services for repair projects, drainage issues and regular maintenance, such as when part of the roof needed to be replaced. His integrity is unquestionable. When we ask him about a particular need, he doesn’t hesitate to tell us, “You don’t need me for that. Here’s the number of the right guy for that job.”

Most importantly for us is that feeling of trust you get when Mike or his crew are working in your home. You know the job will be done well. You know they will treat you and your space with respect. You know they will stand by their work. When Mike finishes your job, don’t be surprised by a phone call out of the blue just to “see if everything is working well” and to make sure there aren’t any problems.

We have recommended Mike to neighbors, friends and family. We have been told his estimates usually come in higher than other contractors. We have always found his estimates to be accurate. Some friends have used him and some have gone with less expensive alternatives. In most cases, the less expensive alternative has proven more costly in overruns, delays and frustration. We have never experienced any of these with Remodeling Alliance.

We would be happy to speak with you directly if you are considering using Remodeling Alliance. Feel free to call. JMS



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Dear Mr Corrao, Thank you for your prompt and pleasant assistance to our urgent call. It is wonderful to know that we were in contact with a company that stands by their work. Even though 5 years have gone by you still took the time to help us out.