Did they stay with the job until it was completed or did they bounce from job to job so you never know when to expect them back on your job?

Did they complete the job on time as scheduled or was it significantly delayed?

Did they do everything that they agreed to do or did they leave small details incomplete?

If left incomplete, did they come back to finish the work?

Did they come back to make repairs, if needed, once the job was completed and paid for?

Were they organized and was the project well coordinated or were there delays and other problems because of poor planning?

Were you pleased with the quality of their workmanship and their attention to detail?

Did they respect your property by protecting your exterior plantings, interior floors, walls, and furniture and did they install effective dust barriers and good protection from the elements?

Were there any problems that arose during the job and did they resolve those problems to your satisfaction or did they talk around a problem and try to justify its existence?

Did you trust them (all tradesmen) to be in our home without supervision or did you feel the need to be home to baby-sit?

Were they pleasant to work with or did they become rude or hostile when problems arose?

Do you believe that they provided you advice to benefit you and your project and that best met your needs or do you believe they made decisions to benefit themselves, their schedule, and their pocketbook?

Did they go out of their way to solve problems or research questions that helped personalize your project or did you get a "cookie cutter" job where no extra thought or insight was provided?

Did they keep your home and property clean or did you constantly clean up after them?

Were the workmen professional, courteous, respectful gentlemen as well as helpful in answering questions or resolving problems, or did you have to suffer through loud music, foul language and rude behavior throughout the job?

Now that the job is done do you still feel like you paid a fair price for the level of workmanship that you received?

Do you have enough confidence in them to use them again and refer them to your family and close friends?

Did they do all the work as agreed for the original price that they quoted or was there significant cost increases? Do you feel that they were justified?

Were there any problems or concerns with the project or contractor that although I haven’t specifically asked you about, I should know about?



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Dear Mr Corrao, Thank you for your prompt and pleasant assistance to our urgent call. It is wonderful to know that we were in contact with a company that stands by their work. Even though 5 years have gone by you still took the time to help us out.