With the economy being so erratic these days and energy costs soaring, energy efficiency is a major consideration for home sellers, buyers and owners. For home sellers, an energy efficient home will usually sell faster and at a higher price than less efficient ones. For buyers, knowing that a home is energy efficient, and that heating, cooling and electrical costs won’t create a financial hardship adds value to the property and makes it more attractive than a less efficient home. For home owners, the best way to save money on your utility bills is to make your home more energy efficient. Once the decision has been reached to do so, having a Home Energy Audit done by Remodeling Alliance is the most logical next step. An audit will help to pinpoint exactly where energy is being wasted in your home, and we will give you a prioritized list of improvements that can be made to increase energy efficiency and save you money.


Audits usually consist of a visual inspection of the exterior of the home as well as interior areas, attics, basements and crawlspaces. All of the systems of the home, such as plumbing, heating, cooling and electrical are inspected also.

A “Blower Door” is usually installed to determine air infiltration of a building. The “door” is a panel that fits inside a doorway, and uses a variable speed fan and a pressure gauge to measure pressure differences inside and outside the home, and an airflow manometer and hoses to measure airflow.

Another test is the Thermographic Scan which is an infrared picture of all of the areas where there is air infiltration and insufficient insulation.

Once the audit is complete, we provide you with a report stating all of the areas where your home is underperforming, with clear suggestions for correcting these issues. The suggestions will range from simple (switching to CFL lightbulbs) to complex or costly (replacing an old and inefficient boiler). If going “green” is a priority for you, we are certified, or in the process of certification in most of the green technologies and can assist you in making an informed decision.




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