Pricing Questions

The short answer is that we are always aiming to keep our pricing within a competitive range, but at times our prices are higher, due to our thorough estimating process. No one has ever accused us of being inexpensive BUT, no one has ever accused us of doing shoddy work either. We have never had a customer complain, after the job was completed, that they paid too much for the work we did for them. They may have grumbled a bit prior to the work but during the project they saw the value that they were getting for their money.

You will experience the quality of our work long after you forgot the cost!

We understand that price is a very important factor, but unfortunately many people focus mainly on price when in fact it is only a part of the entire picture to look at when selecting a contractor. Strangely enough, the pricing can often be the most ambiguous part of the selection process but people focus on it because it appears to be the easiest to quantify. The fact is, there are many other variables besides price.

YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR – When making a decision about a remodeling project it is not prudent to rely just on price because as it is with most things in life, it is generally worse to pay too little. We have unfortunately lost jobs because our price was too high but I would rather apologize once for being a little more expensive than be constantly apologizing for poor workmanship and cost overruns throughout the job.

The sweet taste of low price is too often soured by the bitter taste of poor quality

*We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

*We offer Home Improvement Loans through a third party provider and we can usually get an approval within 24 hours. Financing is provided between $5,000 to $45,000.

*We can also assist you in obtaining bank financing.

Project Questions

We use a combination of our own on-staff tradesmen and a small network of independent sub-contractors. Certain factors, and in particular the size and the type of project will dictate who we use.

This question is generally asked because many homeowners, through hearsay or past experience, believe that it is better to have the work completed by on-staff tradesmen. Sub-contracting has received an unwarranted bad rap. They have heard of the many problems caused by unqualified or unsupervised sub-contractors. The reality is that problems arise not from whether the tradesmen works directly or indirectly for the company but rather what their skill qualifications and level of commitment is to the company and the project, as well as how well the project is managed and supervised. Please review our perfect solution to learn how you can avoid these pitfalls.

The type, size and complexity of the project will dictate how it is staffed and managed.

There is always a working foreman on your job who, along with doing physical labor is also responsible for coordinating the project with you and with our office. There is always a supervisor who visits the site at least once a day to complete the inspections and help coordinate the project. You can be assured that we are attentive to your project throughout the entire process.

Unlike most contractors who split the schedule into a few large payments, we stage smaller payments over the entire length of the project. With large payment payouts, someone is always at great risk, whether it is the owner or the contractor. By spreading the payments the risk is greatly reduced. In addition, all payments made to us go directly into an “Escrow Account” which further protects your money against any fraudulent behavior.

It varies, dependent on many factors and usually the reason for the question is because you want to know if we are going to be attentive to your job. The answer is a resounding YES! We do not over commit ourselves by taking on more projects than we can properly coordinate and supervise. The number of projects we perform at one time is based on the size, duration and complexities of each active project. We are at your job every day, in full force, until its completion.

Again, that depends on many factors including the scope of the project, the time of year and at times, weather conditions. In our initial meetings we can give you an approximate time frame for completing the work, and in the contract we provide a precise completion date. Because we have systems in place to accurately coordinate and predict the length of your project we can guarantee our completion date.

Over the years we have developed an estimating system to give you the most accurate pricing around. The only extra costs that would be incurred are typically from additions and changes that you, the customer specifically request during construction.

General Operations Questions

Absolutely, and equally as important we carry the proper insurance that protects you in the event of any mishap caused by us. We provide you with valid certificates prior to the start of your project. We also have the required licenses for every geographical area that we perform work in.

We are first and foremost a construction company and we specialize in providing that service. We do have people on staff with experience in design but we also have a network of designers and architects whom we work closely with so that there is a seamless transition from design to construction.

We have been in business for over 24 years. You can view our credentials for more information about Remodeling Alliance’s experience and commitment to you.

We cover so much area that we would need multiple locations which would drive up our operating costs needlessly. We have also found through previous experience that less than 2% of our customers visited our office; most preferred the personal in-home attention that we provide. So, instead we have developed business relationships with many vendors local to your area to help in the selection of products, and this provides you with a greater variety. We pass our trade discounts onto you.