Building a custom deck is one of the all-time favorite ways to expand your living space and adds significant value to your home. Decks, while straightforward structures, can also be intricate. As with any other construction project, the outcome reflects the effort and planning invested in it.

Planning and Layout
Planning isn’t solely about budgeting. The location and design of a deck can dictate the amount of pleasure you derive from it. Ideal decks maximize the benefits of outdoor conditions rather than being defeated by them. Introducing a deck invariably changes a home’s exterior aesthetics. Effective plans will integrate and enhance the home’s style, size, exterior materials, and even its architectural era.

Landscape Considerations
Challenges in the landscape shouldn’t deter you from building your desired deck. Indeed, decks often stand out when they adapt to tricky terrains. For example, a multilevel deck can navigate even the most challenging slopes. Innovative framing techniques can incorporate or circumvent large, immovable rocks. Trees can also be seamlessly integrated into a deck design, even if they stand at its center.

Remodeling Alliance crafts custom decks that resonate with your home’s style. Today, the choice of building materials for decks has expanded. Previously, options were confined to pressure-treated wood, cedar, or redwood. Now, there’s a broad spectrum of materials, including various domestic lumbers and composite decking crafted from recycled plastics. New alternatives are introduced frequently.

The materials you opt for must endure the relentless onslaught of nature. Exposure to elements like drastic temperature shifts, harsh sunlight, rain, snow, and wind challenges any material’s resilience. Moreover, aesthetics are crucial; most homeowners want their deck to harmonize with their home and landscape.

Every deck we construct is tailored to the homeowner’s specifications. Be it multi-level, elevated, ground level, with varying stair and floor patterns, custom rails, built-in seating, or spaces designed for hot tubs and spas, we draw from a vast reservoir of design expertise. Our construction methods are systematic, meticulous, and efficient, guaranteeing a custom-designed and quality-built deck that will remain a point of pride for years to come.

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