Exterior Painting

Painting your home is probably the cheapest way to update your home. For the cost of a gallon of paint, you can give a room a whole new look. Freshly painted walls look clean and new and can enhance the value of your home.

Interior Walls

We will properly prepare your walls for painting before we do anything else. On interior walls, all dents, dings, nail holes etc. will be repaired, and walls will be cleaned and primed before the first coat of paint goes on. We use only the best quality paints, such as Benjamin Moore. We will cover and mask off all items in the painting area, including large pieces of furniture and floors, mouldings and doorways to protect your property. When we’re finished painting and the walls are dry, we will return your furniture to their original positions.

Paint Options for Interior Walls

Oil based semi-gloss – usually used in areas that are exposed to high moisture and humidity, such as bathrooms, basements and laundry rooms.

Acrylic Latex paint – used on interior walls. There are several types of latex interior paint:

Flat/Matte – does not reflect light. Good for covering small blemishes and imperfections in walls, but doesn not hold up well to repeated cleaning.

Eggshell – washable, very low sheen paint finish. Holds up much better than flat paint in high traffic areas.

Satin – has more sheen than eggshell, and is usually used for trims, windows and doors.

Semi-gloss – easily cleaned and has a subtle shine. Used for trims, kids bedrooms, and furniture.

Gloss – has a shiny, almost plastic look. It is becoming more popular in homes for use on cabinets and furniture for it’s dramatic appearance.

Exterior Walls

On exterior walls, we will scrape loose paint, sand, pressure wash the walls, patch stucco, replace shingles and repair caulking if needed. We go out of our way to protect your landscaping while we work on your home.

Paint Options for exterior Walls

Oil based (alkyd) – Consists of a pigment and a resin in a solvent thinner. When the thinner evaporates, the resins form a hard coating which provides the color. Oli paint has better penetration and adhesion, and dries to a smoother finish. They cover stains better and prevent sap bleeding through wood surfaces, and prevent metals from rust.

Water based (acrylic/latex) – consists of a pigment and a binder with water used as a carrier. It dries quicker, won’t trap moisture like oil paint will, has less odor, is non-flammable, and has easier cleanup. They expand and contract with the house so they don’t crack like oil paint will.

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