Home Automation

In the golden era of science fiction, shows like the Jetsons and Star Trek painted a futuristic vision where homes responded to our every command. That future is now. With cutting-edge technology, home automation has revolutionized our living spaces, turning them into smart, efficient, and responsive environments.

Key Features of Modern Home Automation:


  • Audio Distribution: Systems that can stream music to any room. Choose between single zone (one music source for all rooms) or multi-zone (different music for different rooms).
  • Intercom Systems: Communicate with family anywhere in the house.
  • Home Security: Monitor your home remotely. Features include:
    • Camera feeds for different areas
    • Panic buttons for elderly family members
    • Sensors for gas, water, and CO leaks
    • Automated door and window locks
  • Lighting and Shade Controls: Mimic family movement patterns to give the appearance of an occupied home, or time them for energy savings.
  • Shade Control: Manage window and skylight shades seamlessly.
  • Home Theaters: One-touch systems that can dim lights, adjust the TV, and more, all from the comfort of your couch.
  • Climate Control: Set the temperature of individual rooms as per use, ensuring energy efficiency.
  • Home Integration: A cohesive system that links every automated feature in your home, from entertainment to security. An intuitive panel centralizes control, even offering closed-circuit TV options for heightened security.

With Remodeling Alliance, bring the future to your doorstep. Dive into the convenience and control of next-generation home automation.

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