Interior Painting

Transforming your home through paint is arguably the most cost-effective method to refresh its appearance. A mere gallon of paint can breathe new life into a room. Fresh paint bestows walls with a pristine and renewed look, potentially elevating your home’s value.

Interior Walls

Before diving into the painting process, we prioritize preparing your walls. This involves addressing any imperfections such as dents, nail holes, and scuffs. Walls are then cleaned and primed to ensure optimal paint adherence. We exclusively use top-tier paints, like Benjamin Moore, guaranteeing lasting quality. To safeguard your belongings and home, we meticulously cover and mask off areas, including large furniture, floors, moldings, and doorways. Once the painting is complete and the walls are dry, we carefully return your furniture to its designated spots.

Paint Options for Interior Walls

  • Oil-Based Semi-Gloss: Ideal for rooms subject to moisture and humidity, such as bathrooms, basements, and laundry spaces.
  • Acrylic Latex Paint: The go-to for most interior walls. Its types include:
    • Flat/Matte: Offers minimal light reflection. Although adept at masking minor wall imperfections, it isn’t suited for frequent cleaning.
    • Eggshell: A washable finish with a slight sheen. Superior to flat paint, especially in high traffic areas.
    • Satin: A step shinier than eggshell, this paint is preferred for trims, windows, and doors.
    • Semi-Gloss: Boasts easy cleaning and a gentle shine. Ideal for trim work, children’s rooms, and furniture.
    • Gloss: Features a striking, almost lacquered appearance. Gaining traction for its dramatic effect, it’s favored for cabinets and select furniture pieces.

Exterior Walls

Exterior wall preparation is comprehensive. We tackle loose paint, engage in sanding, employ pressure washing, mend stucco, replace shingles, and address any caulking concerns. Your landscaping is treated with utmost respect, ensuring no harm befalls it during our operation.

Paint Options for Exterior Walls

  • Oil-Based (Alkyd): Comprises pigment and resin dissolved in a solvent. As the solvent evaporates, the resin forms a durable coat that delivers color. Oil paint offers enhanced penetration, adhesion, and a smoother finish. It excels in covering stains, preventing sap bleed on wood, and thwarting rust on metals.
  • Water-Based (Acrylic/Latex): Combines pigment with a binder, using water as the medium. Advantages include faster drying times, no moisture entrapment, reduced odor, non-flammability, and simpler cleanup. As these paints expand and contract with your home, they resist cracking, unlike their oil-based counterparts.

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